Is Facebook Dating a Scam? – How To Identify and Get Rid Of Scammers on Facebook Dating?

Written by: John Branson
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It can get a bit lonely if we don’t have a partner. We are always tempted to look for someone we can spend the rest of our lives with. There are many dating apps and one of them is Facebook dating. Some are wondering if Facebook dating is a scam or not.

Is Facebook dating a scam?

The Facebook dating app is just like any other dating app that you’ve ever encountered. It is not really a scam but there are crooks there who would not waste time when it comes to taking advantage of lonely people.

As a result, if you are a member there then you should always be alert as you can’t really trust anyone you just met on the Internet.

It is important to not give personal details on the Internet in order to avoid being scammed. It is normal for crooks to look for victims online so if you find out that someone is trying to scam you on Facebook dating, then you should report this person to the authorities immediately.

Hopefully, when this person serves time behind bars then there is a possibility he will learn his lesson.

How to identify scammers, fake profiles on Facebook dating?

One way to identify scammers on Facebook dating is by looking at their profiles. If the profile contains a few pictures and not much else then you can conclude right away that it is a fake profile. After all, the profile should have several pictures of the person and a bunch of albums for you to even consider it as a legit account.

If someone asks you to try and send him money via online transfer for whatever reason then you are talking to a scammer. It is possible this person tried to gain your trust by doing a few things that are sweet. It won’t be long before his true motive would be revealed and you would be left with no choice but to move to other options on Facebook Dating.

Another way to identify scammers on Facebook Dating is if they refuse to meet online or let themselves be seen via video chat. There is a possibility the muscular American hunk you are talking to is actually a skinny Indian teenager with a terrible accent. Of course, the pictures the person uploaded on Facebook dating are of someone else so all your hopes of marrying the person in the pictures are over.

Another way to identify scammers is if they want to speed up the relationship in any way that they can. For example, they can pretend to care about you or they always message you. In reality, this person should be busy with his job so continuous messaging is certainly a sign that you should stay away from that person.

How to get rid of scammers on Facebook dating?

You can block people on the Facebook dating app but that does not mean you’ve already blocked them on Messenger. Blocking them on the Facebook dating app is basically the same as blocking them on other dating apps. All you need to do is to go to their profile on the Facebook dating app then select ‘Block’.

You can always have the option to unblock someone on Facebook dating if you feel like this person deserves a second chance. However, there is a huge chance you will forget the people you blocked in the past unless you review the list of people you blocked due to a large number of members on the app.

There is always the possibility to report someone on Facebook dating whom you are either chatting with or a suggested match. You can just go that person’s profile while you are logged on to Facebook dating then select ‘Report’. You will most likely be asked the reason why you would want to report that person so you should answer the most reasonable option.

Other information related to Facebook dating scams

Believe it or not, a ton of mature men and women have Facebook accounts. As a result, many crooks use this website as a way to scam lonely people. It is actually normal for people to lie about the information they posted on Facebook as most people don’t really take it too seriously.