How To Become A Standout On Hinge? [in 2022]

Written by: John Branson
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Hinge has just introduced new functionality that allows users to build intriguing and amusing questions that may interest other people. The term “Hinge standouts” refers to this feature.

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial on Hinge Standouts and Hinge roses, check out this one:

What are Hinge Standouts?

The best of the best on Hinge are standout individuals. Or, at the very least, the best for you personally. The Standouts list, which may be accessed via the app’s main screen by clicking the star icon in the menu bar, is a curated selection of individuals you’re most likely to hit it off.

You may quickly get a sense of which ten standout offers are the most outstanding. Because it’s brief and to the point, you may look through all 10 of your standouts in less than 15 minutes without spending half your day on your phone.

It’s theoretically feasible, but phones are so mesmerizing that you’ll undoubtedly discover another app to look at, and your primary Hinge feed is always there for you.

Hinge produces a Standouts feed updated every day with ten fresh individuals. Hinge is an excellent fit for you. That’s one hundred and twenty-five potential dates each week, which means you’ll have plenty of options. Even the pickiest date will be able to find someone they like in a list of their one hundred best matches!

How to use Hinge Standouts? How do they work?

Hinge’s new standouts feature a list of suggestions curated by other users that are updated daily. This tab contains no pictures and only replies to questions. This will entice the user to click on the profile and match based on personality to maximize conversion rates.

On the Hinge, there is a tab called “Standouts.”

The standout is a new feature on Hinge. The star symbol appears on the bottom taskbar, signifying a star icon within the tab. Hinge’s new function, exclusive to the app, lets people search for ingenious answers rather than attractive pictures.

Instead of images, the standouts tab will display a list of text replies from other users each day. If you enjoy the remark, clicking on a user’s name takes you to their profile.

The way you respond may differ based on the other person’s personality. Hinge attempts to connect individuals with more than just photographs and physical appearance through the standouts tab.

If you like the person featured in the standouts tab, you may click on their invitation to go to their profile. This is where the like button doesn’t function as it would normally.

Sending A Hinge Rose

The standouts tab will display curated queries from other folks similar to your personality type. As Hinge points out, these profiles are selected daily: outstanding suggestions from people most like you, refreshed daily. However, the catch is that after you’ve chosen a profile from a prompt you like, you must then send a rose to the other person to indicate your interest.

Hinge has introduced a new method for indicating interest in sending people roses to its users. These flowers are priced and must be purchased by users after every single or multiple usages. On the app, roses will appear in every location; they are, however, the primary source of likes on the standouts page.

Besides sending them a rose, is there any other method to like someone on the Standouts tab?

Sadly, none. The only way to like someone is by utilizing standouts. This function was developed to encourage more people to buy roses and deliver them to others.

Most of Hinge’s features are accessible without charge through the mobile dating software. It does, however, have premium features available via its monthly subscription.

The standouts tab is a revenue stream that encourages consumers to spend money on roses and send them to curated profiles accessible through the standouts tab. In addition to the typical likes you get, Hinge attempts to profit from the added functionality by encouraging users to send roses.

Hinge gives you one free rose (as of this writing), so make sure it’s for someone you genuinely want to meet.

The Hinge Standouts page and function allow users to browse through curated questions from other profiles. To like these sites, you must purchase a rose.

The standouts tab will be useless if you’re not interested in spending money on roses because it requires a rose to use.

The Hinge standouts tab is a great place to look for intriguing matches that may like the same sport, hobby, or even cuisine like you. This is an excellent topic of conversation and a great way to start one. Give it your best try with the standouts function and see if you can be first in line with the rose.

Do Hinge Standouts show in the normal feed?

Regretfully, the correct answer is negative. The Standouts tab shows your finest possible matches, so Hinge encourages you to contact them straight away and spend a few dollars for those extra roses.

Standouts will offer you ten recommendations every day, and if you don’t utilize them, they won’t appear in other feeds. Conversely, bear in mind that they are only accessible in the Standouts section curated for you.

If one of your Standouts’ recommendations appears in their friend’s Hinge feed, they may see it while browsing. Because Hinge most likely doesn’t consider using a good match, you probably won’t receive any notifications when they appear on the site.

How do I know if I’m a standout on the Hinge?

Hinge says that Standouts are chosen for you from all people with the top prompt answers. Hence, an algorithm determines your and other people’s Standouts! This implies that a group of highly educated data scientists and software developers came together to figure out the most effective method to predict who swipers will want.

Your Hinge Standouts will not be limited to one sort of user, whether based on appearance, hobbies, or prompt replies since the choices are based on thousands of data points and various activities you’ve completed on Hinge.

However, because Hinge can probably see how other users are interacting with other users’ profiles and therefore how long they’re spending reading and engaging with their responses and how in-depth the answers are, Hinge Standouts are stone-cold hotties in some cases.