How To Get Facebook Dating Back After Deleting? [in 2023]

Written by: John Branson
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In this Facebook dating tutorial, we are going to explain if you can recover a Facebook dating profile after you have deleted it.

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial on how to get Facebook dating back, check out this one:

Can You Get Facebook Dating Back After Deleting It?

You lose everything like your profile comprising conversations, likes, dating answers, and matches on deleting your Facebook dating profile. The data can’t be restored. You lose your conversations with your matches but it isn’t the same on the other side, your mates can however see the chat that you both had.

If you are thinking of making a fresh profile on Facebook dating then you must postpone it for a week i.e seven days.

How To Get Facebook Dating Back After Deleting?

The simple answer to this question is straight “NO”, you can’t recover your old account after deleting it but can create a new one. You can’t access Facebook dating on your laptop or web browser as it can be accessed only on Android or iOS mobile phones.

Getting an account on Facebook dating isn’t any rocket science, you can create one by just following simple steps:

  1. First, install the Facebook application on your Android or iOS cell phone device.
  2. After installing you’ll get to see a menu of three lines and then tap on it.
  3. After tapping the three-line menu the All Shortcut section will appear on your screen, search for Dating there but if you don’t find it then scroll down further and tap on the See More option.
  4. In the See More option there you’ll surely find the Dating, don’t wait! Tap on it.
  5. Click Get Started
  6. For setting up your profile follow the instructions given on the Facebook manual. If you already have a Facebook profile then a lot of your information will be imported from there by Facebook Dating. This is not absolute, you can decide which specific info can become a piece of your fresh profile. If you want to change any item, click on the Pencil, and to erase it from your new profile, click the X.
  7. Continue to set up your profile. You can make it look informative by specifying your likes, dislikes, age, height, service location, job, etc. Using service locations can help you meet people for your locals.
  8. If you are done with setting up your profile then click Confirm to establish your Dating profile.

Can’t Recover a deleted Facebook Dating Profile?

If you are not able to recover a deleted Facebook dating account your account then report your problem to the help or report section of Facebook.

You might be facing a problem in recovering because you haven’t either followed the instructions properly or have mistyped your password, email, name, or phone number.

If you have forgotten your password or any such information which is necessary to log in to the previous account then either try to recall it or you can reset it by clicking on the “forget the password” link below the login section.

Check if you are trying to log in or recover your account within seven days of deactivating or login out for short. This might be the main reason why you’re not able to recover it.

Other issues that you may get with Facebook Dating after you recover your account as other people have. These problems might be as follows:

  1. Facebook application not showing Facebook Dating.
  2. The Facebook app continues to crash.
  3. Facebook Dating isn’t loading.
  4. No notification of Facebook Dating pops on the home screen.
  5. Other features like photos don’t alter in the Facebook application.

After all these problems, don’t get frustrated and curse the application as it might be happening because of using un-updated Facebook, issues in internet connection, hanging up your mobile data, etc.

Try updating your Facebook app, fixing you won’t connect, clearing Android or iOS cache, uninstalling, and then installing your Facebook application or restarting your phone according to the problem that you are facing.