Best 69 Chemistry Pick Up Lines

Written by: John Branson
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If you’re looking to add a spark of chemistry to your love life or simply break the ice with some scientific flair, chemistry pick up lines are the perfect solution.

Here’s a collection of the best 69 chemistry pick up lines to help you strike up a connection with that special someone.

Classic Chemistry Pick Up Lines

  1. “Are you made of copper and tellurium? Because you’re Cu-Te.”
  2. “Do you have 11 protons? Because you’re sodium fine.”
  3. “Are you a carbon sample? Because I want to date you.”
  4. “Are you a chemist? Because I want to do a lab experiment with you.”
  5. “Are you a noble gas? Because you’re helium cute.”
  6. “Do you have a name or can I call you mine?”
  7. “Are you fluorine? Because you make everything react.”
  8. “Are you an element? Because you complete me.”
  9. “Do you have 67 protons? Because you’re a holmium.”
  10. “Are you a compound of beryllium and barium? Because you’re BeBa2.”

Witty Chemistry Pick Up Lines

  1. “Are you an electron? Because you have a negative attraction.”
  2. “Do you have a high electronegativity? Because you’re drawing me in.”
  3. “Are you a covalent bond? Because you’re sharing my electrons.”
  4. “Are you a catalyst? Because you’re speeding up my heart rate.”
  5. “Do you have a lab partner, or can I be your ‘partner in science’?”
  6. “Are you an acid? Because you’re corrosively beautiful.”
  7. “Do you mind if I measure the enthalpy change when I hold your hand?”
  8. “Are you made of copper and tellurium? Because you’re Cu-Te.”
  9. “Are you a supernova? Because you’re out of this world.”
  10. “Do you have a favorite reaction? Because I think we’ve got great chemistry.”

Cheesy Chemistry Pick Up Lines

  1. “Is your name Wi-Fi? Because I’m feeling a connection.”
  2. “Do you mind if we bond on a molecular level?”
  3. “I must be a proton because I’m positively attracted to you.”
  4. “Are you a charged particle? Because you’ve got me feeling positive.”
  5. “Is it possible to reach absolute zero in your heart?”
  6. “Are you made of copper and tellurium? Because you’re Cu-Te.”
  7. “Is your name electron? Because you’ve just jumped into my shell.”
  8. “Are you a beaker? Because I’d love to hold you.”
  9. “Is your atomic number 25? Because you’re a manganese.”
  10. “Are you a chemistry book? Because you have all the right elements.”

Flirty Chemistry Pick Up Lines

  1. “Are you a chemical reaction? Because you’re creating sparks.”
  2. “Do you mind if I titrate your heart to find the perfect match?”
  3. “Is your name Avogadro? Because you’re the only one for me.”
  4. “Are you a lab technician? Because you’ve got all the right equipment.”
  5. “Do you have a beaker? Because I’d like to mix our solutions.”
  6. “Are you an exothermic reaction? Because you’re giving off heat.”
  7. “Is your name sulfur? Because you’ve made my heart melt.”
  8. “Do you mind if we bond over a cup of coffee?”
  9. “Are you made of atoms? Because you’re elementary, my dear.”
  10. “Is your name H2O? Because you’re flowing through my heart.”

Fun Chemistry Pick Up Lines

  1. “Are you an acid? Because you’re pH-enomenal.”
  2. “Do you have a favorite chemical element? Because you’re mine.”
  3. “Are you an alpha particle? Because you’re positively attractive.”
  4. “Is your name ion? Because I’ve got my eye on you.”
  5. “Are you a noble gas? Because you’re inert without me.”
  6. “Do you mind if we bond, covalently of course?”
  7. “Are you a molecule? Because you’re composed of awesomeness.”
  8. “Is your name benzene? Because you’re a real ring of beauty.”
  9. “Are you an endothermic reaction? Because you’re absorbing my energy.”
  10. “Do you mind if I take a photo of you to prove that angels exist?”

Dirty Chemistry Pick Up Lines

  1. “Are you made of atoms? Because you’re 99.9% irresistible.”
  2. “Do you mind if we make some ‘molecular bonds’ tonight?”
  3. “Is it considered a chemical reaction if I ignite the chemistry between us?”
  4. “Are you a laboratory? Because I’d love to conduct some ‘experiments’ with you.”
  5. “Are you an ion? Because you’ve got a charge that’s attracting me.”
  6. “Do you mind if I calculate the kinetic energy of our attraction?”
  7. “Is your name sulfur? Because you’ve got a scent that’s intoxicating.”
  8. “Are you a chemical equilibrium? Because you’ve got me perfectly balanced.”
  9. “Do you mind if we ‘bond’ like carbon atoms in a diamond?”
  10. “Are you an electron? Because you’ve just entered my ‘orbital.'”

When to Use These Chemistry Pick Up Lines

In conclusion, these chemistry pick up lines can be a fun and nerdy way to connect with someone who appreciates science and wit.

However, always remember to be respectful and considerate of the other person’s feelings and boundaries.

Pick up lines should never be used to pressure or manipulate someone into a romantic or sexual encounter. T

he best time to use these lines is when you’re in a relaxed and social setting, and you believe the other person will appreciate the scientific humor.

Be prepared for the possibility that not everyone will find these lines as amusing as you do, and always ask for consent before making any advances.

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