How To Change Location on Skout? [in 2022]

Written by: John Branson
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Skout is a dating app that is available for all browsers, android and iOS users. You can meet new people on this app as per your location.

You can discover people from your location and chat with them, share your photos, go live and send virtual gifts.

Mainly this app uses GPS to track your current location but you can change it with some simple steps.

Can you change the location on the Skout dating app?

Yes, you can change the location of the skout as per your wish. changing the location can let you meet new people from different locations. This app is popular for dating and meeting strangers.

People meet strangers and find new friends and dating partners. Using one location limits your reach to some people. Changing the location can help you reach different people from different places.

How To change location on Skout on an iPhone?

If you have an iOS device and are wondering how to change location on shout? Then here are some steps. On Android devices, you can download many applications that can set the location in other countries.

To change the location on the iPhone first you need to connect your iPhone to the computer with a USB cable. Next, open the program In the main window. Click the start button there.

The location will appear on the second page open so that you can see your location. To get the accurate location of your device you can click the centre on option. Make it accurate by clicking on the centre icon.

If you want to set the location as per your choice then click on the teleport option that appears in the top right corner place of the screen. Click this icon and set the location as you prefer. You can set the location anywhere around the world.

Click the search button and enter any location you like. You can see different preferred locations as per your search. Click the Go option to change the location to that preferred one.

Follow the steps correctly to change the location of the skout in iPhones.You can access the app to see if it works. You can see people from the locations you have given.

How To chat one location of Skout on an Android phone?

In an Android phone, you will need a Fake GPS app to change the location. You can download a spoofer app such as Fake GPS go or GPS emulator and apps like Location changer. The Android devices need to be Android 6 or higher versions.

To use the app you need to change the developer options on your phone. To do that go to settings then about the phone. Select the software info option from there. Then scroll down till you tap on the build number 7 times.

Go back to the settings option and again select the developer options. Then tap on the allow mock location selection. You can download the fake GPS app from the play store.

Go to the enabled developer options and select the mock location app from there. This will let you choose the app you installed on your device. Set the app in the mock location app option.

Close the app and open it again. You can see the location changing option. You can see locations that you can change to. Select the play button to change the location.

You can see new people as per the location is set.

Can’t change location on Skout

Mostly you can’t change location on skout without using spoofing apps. They can’t always go undetected. If the app developers get to know you are using a fake GPS app.

The account can get banned or deleted. It is safe to use Fake GPS apps but they will now allow it. The terms and conditions of the apps don’t allow you to fake your location.

Other information related to changing location on Skout

The process can look complex but you can do it by yourself easily. Don’t use the fake GPS apps for too long. You can get banned and your service will get suspended.

You can still change your location with the information that is provided in this article. Changing your location can help you meet new people from other countries.