Catholic Match Free Trial Information You Must Read Before Signing Up [in 2023]

Written by: John Branson
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A huge number of people go on dating apps. However, not a lot of platforms give users the chance to match with people from the same religion. Catholic Match plans to change that through its features.

Is CatholicMatch free?

Catholic Match is a religion-based dating platform. It is catering to single Catholics of different ages and demographics. It has both a free and paid version.

The website promises a quality pool of members that follow religious teachings. There are also no profile indicators showing whether a member is a premium subscriber. Most of the user base is also very active, and there are also fun personality tests for profiles.

CatholicMatch Free vs. Paid Membership

A CatholicMatch free plan has some features that are shared with Catholic Match premium users. For instance, free members can curate their profile pages and view other users. They can also read and reply to messages, although they have to wait for some time.

Basic search functions are also supported. They may also message those who matched with them and can give a limited number of likes.

But by comparison, premium members have more functionalities. Of course, paid members can create their profile pages and view others. However, they can also initiate messages with any other matches.

Premium users also have the option to do advanced searches. These allow for better filtering of potential singles. They can also view who liked their profile, even if they have not matched the user.

Members who paid may also post on the website’s forums. They also get priority over other users when it comes to customer support. In addition, Catholic Match also offers discounts to these users for products such as online courses.

CatholicMatch Free Trial

Catholic Match has a free trial comparable to other dating applications. The free tier allows users to curate their own profiles, filling them with as much information as they need. They also offer the functionality of uploading photos.

By comparison, the free trial is pretty robust for something that does not cost money. The user interface is also very easy to grasp for beginners. There is also the chance to talk to other members of the site without discrimination of payment tiers, although paid users have to be the ones to initiate.

Catholic Match also allows its users to search the database even on a free plan. Even though this is something commonly found in most websites, it is an essential feature. Users should be able to check other users’ profiles to check their potential interests.

The search feature also makes it possible to narrow down potential matches before pursuing anything. You also want to check if the person you matched with is compatible with your personal interests. That way, you do not invest right away before seeing all the personality traits the person makes available on their profile.

Finally, Catholic Match also allows its users to go through all their matches’ profiles. This works for both free and premium users. You will be able to filter out the matches that do not fit your liking.

By spending more time carefully choosing your matches, you get to save on money. The free tier is an excellent tool to use if you do not want to spend money on online dating. It is one of the wisest decisions you can make in terms of finances.

The free trial also lasts for as long as you are registered. That means there is no pressure to use the site as much as possible. You can log on whenever you have free time.

Is Catholic Match Worth Using?

If you are a single person devoted to Catholicism, then no other platform comes close to Catholic Match. The amount of features offered is incomparable to competitors. The CatholicMatch free trial also allows users to try the platform before making a purchase.

Anyone looking into a serious relationship with other like-minded individuals will enjoy using the platform. The forum also serves as an excellent springboard to create conversations with different people. The transparency in terms of profiles also makes it a safe and secure platform.

With all of these in mind, Catholic Match is worth using for those who want to date other Catholics.