How To Cancel An Elite Singles Subscription? [in 2024]

Written by: John Branson
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Most Elite Singles users enjoy their subscription or membership, but you may decide to cancel your subscription or membership to Elite Singles at some point. The cancellation process is quick and easy. This brief guide explains just how to cancel an Elite Singles subscription in a few simple steps.

How to cancel an Elite Singles subscription?

Canceling an Elite Singles subscription could not be more simple. It just takes four steps.

Your Elite Singles subscription automatically renews. If you wish to cancel this automatic renewal, cancel your Premium membership by clicking on this link: online cancellation form.

After logging in, your Elite Singles profile should appear on the screen:

  1. Firstly, access the menu and select My Account, before clicking on Membership.
  2. To cancel your membership select Cancel.
  3. Choose your reason for canceling your account from the options provided and click Continue.
  4. Finally, enter your Elite Singles password and simply click Confirm.

It may be that you purchased your Elite Singles subscription using the app. If you did, the cancellation process is just slightly different.

If you used an iPhone to purchase your Elite Singles subscription and would like to cancel your subscription, you need to do this by accessing your Apple App Store account. All of the information you need to cancel your subscription will be easily accessible here.

For more information about canceling your Elite Singles subscription via an iPhone, please visit this Apple App Store Support page: See or cancel your subscriptions

On the other hand, if you used an Android phone to purchase your Elite Singles subscription and would like to cancel the automatic renewal of your subscription, you need to do this via your Google Play account on your phone.

For further help and support with canceling your Elite Singles subscription via an android device, please visit this Google Play support page: Cancel, pause, or change a subscription on Google Play – Android – Google Play Help.

What happens when you cancel an Elite Singles subscription?

Hopefully, you have already found the simple instructions above easy to follow, and have successfully canceled your Elite Singles account.

When you have completed those steps, a confirmation email will be sent to your registered email account. If you notice the following message on your account reading ‘Your cancellation is not yet completed‘ please contact the dedicated Elite Singles Customer Care team to complete this cancellation process. The Elite Singles Customer Care team is always on hand to answer any queries you may have about your account or subscription.

Further information about the cancellation notice period is easy to find in the Terms and Conditions on the website.

If you happen to decide to turn the Elite Singles auto-renewal feature back on to reactivate your subscription, navigate to ‘Membership’ on the website and select ‘Reactivate’. Remember, you have access to all of the Elite Single Premium membership features right up until your subscription ends.

Can you ask for a refund on an Elite Singles subscription?

The process of receiving a refund is simple with Elite Singles. The friendly Elite Singles Customer Care team are available to help with any refund enquiries you may have. Perhaps you accidentally made a purchase, or just are unsure about a payment that you made.

You can easily contact the Elite Singles Customer Care team using the helpful contact form at the Help pages on the website.

The team will be in touch to answer your queries promptly.

Can’t cancel an Elite Singles subscription

Hopefully, you have found the step-by-step instructions in this article easy to follow and have successfully canceled your Elite Singles subscription if you wish to. However, you may still be struggling to cancel your Elite Singles subscription.

Some Elite Singles users have reported difficulties in canceling their Elite Singles subscription. Common problems with cancellation have included:

  • You may be unable to access your Elite Singles account. This could be because you have forgotten the password for access.
  • You may be struggling to access the Elite Singles website to carry out the cancellation.
  • You may have received an unexpected bill for payment from Elite Singles.
  • You may be finding it difficult to make contact with the Elite Singles customer care team.

Such issues with canceling an Elite Singles subscription can be easily solved.

If you cannot cancel your Elite Singles account, you can contract the Elite Singles Help Desk via the following link contact the Help Desk.  If you do receive a response immediately, try not to worry. It can take 72 hours to fix a problem via the Help Desk.

Take care to cancel your subscription using the correct steps described in this article. The procedure will be different if you purchased your membership via the website, an iPhone app, or an Android app. Problems you may be experiencing with cancellation could be down to attempting to cancel your membership using the wrong platform.