What’s Your Price Reviews: Scam or Legit? [in 2022]

Written by: John Branson
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What’s Your Price (WYP) is a unique dating website which allows members can bid for dates with other What’s Your Price users. This makes What’s Your Price popular mainly with men who are spending time messaging other members but do not get any response or date. A majority of the members of the website are women and from the United States.

What is What’s Your Price, how does it work?

Often men and women who are not attractive or are not good at flirting find it difficult to get dates on the most popular dating websites. So to reduce the wastage of time for members interested in finalizing a date offline, What’s Your Price allows members (labeled as generous) to bid for dates with attractive members.

what's your price reviews

Though in some cases, women are bidding for dates with men, in a majority of cases, the men are bidding for dates with attractive women. The bidding can start from $5, and the average price for a date is $50, though the price differs in the various cities in the United States.

The financial incentive offered for agreeing to the date makes it popular with college students, especially young women who are looking for some money to pay for college tuition and other expenses.

In addition to the winning bid amount, the bidder is also expected to pay the dinner expenses. What’s Your Price recommends that bidder should pay part of the winning bid amount upfront and the rest at the date.

What’sYourPrice Pros and Cons


Some of the major advantages of the What’s Your Price are:

  • Greatly increases the possibility of getting a date offline quickly with an attractive woman
  • Reduces waste of time spent in sending messages to attractive women without any kind of response
  • Is free for attractive women, they can receive messages and bids from men interested in dating them after looking at their photos and profile
  • It helps college students, women and some men facing financial problems make some money going on a date
  • It helps attractive women gauge their popularity, and find out how many men are interested in them.
  • suitable for busy professionals and others who do not have time to send messages to a large number of people, hoping for an offline date


  • Women who are not attractive may not get a date
  • Only men with enough money to pay are likely to get a date, not suitable for young men especially male students with less money
  • Some time has to be spent bidding and only the top bidder will get a date

Is What’s Your Price Free? Does It have a free trial?

Anyone can register for free at What’s Your Price to create their profile. The profile photos are manually approved within a few days. Members can also bid for a date with an attractive woman without paying any fee.

Similarly, an attractive woman can receive bids for a date without paying anything. However, if the winning bidder wishes to finalize the date, he will have to purchase credits for messaging the member he is interested in dating. Depending on the dating plans of the member, he can choose from any of the packages available for purchasing credit

How much does What’s Your Price cost?

For messaging a member after winning the bid for a date, a member will have to purchase credits. There are multiple plans available, new members will usually choose the lowest priced credit package of 100 credits for $50.

Regular users of What’s Your Price who plan to use it to set up a large number of dates will usually opt for the other packages of 450 credits for $150 or 1000 credits for $250 since the cost per credit is lower for bulk purchases of credits.

What’s Your Price Review: Is What’s Your Price worth it?

While those who find it easy to get offline dates using popular dating websites, may not require assistance, Whatsmyprice is definitely recommended for men who find it difficult to get dates with attractive women easily and quickly.

It is also a convenient way for attractive women to gauge how many men are interested in them, and make some money quickly by going on dates.

While attractive women will get more messages on most dating websites, WYP is one of the few websites where they can find out how much men are willing to pay for a date with them, paying them for the time spent and effort for meeting them on a date.