Facebook Dating Match Anywhere Feature Explained [in 2022]

Written by: John Branson
Published on:

Do you want to expand your options to nearby areas when it comes to Facebook Match? The thought of it sounds pretty good. The good news is that Facebook introduced a new feature that will allow you to match with people you never thought you would match.

What is Match Anywhere on Facebook Dating?

If you are sick and tired of getting matches on wherever your current Facebook dating location is, Match Anywhere lets you secure a match in three different locations. This will benefit you a lot especially when you travel often as it will broaden the range of the people that you can match with. As a result, you are not just limited to the same people.

There is even a possibility that you can choose a location that you plan to travel to. As a result, you can plan dates in the future. If romance does not work out, then you can always choose to be friends as we can benefit a lot from knowing a lot of people in this world as you never really know when you would need them in the near future.

How to Add Match Anywhere Location to Facebook Dating?

The first thing you would need to do is to open Facebook Dating then go to your profile. After that, you can go to ‘location’ then search for the locations that you would want to add. The best part about this is that you can change the locations you put there once a week which would be great if you are constantly traveling.

If you’re keen on having a long-distance relationship then it won’t be too bad to add a location that is a million miles away.

After all, you never know what would possibly happen unless you give it a shot. It could be worth it when you find out how your interests match with that person and there can be a slight chance you would meet up with him or her somewhere you haven’t even been to and have the time of your lives.

How to Remove Match Anywhere location to Facebook Dating?

Basically, you will also go to the settings of your Facebook Dating profile. When that happens, you must click on the pencil icon so you can edit what is already stated there or things that you put there in the past. You can head over to the locations then you can click the garbage icon that is located beside the location that you would want to remove.

Can’t Add Location to Facebook Dating with Match Anywhere

It is quite possible that Match Anywhere won’t be working for you if your Facebook app is not updated to the latest version. As a result, you must upgrade to the latest version so you can enjoy all of the benefits out there. Besides, you are going to enjoy a ton of new features you would not get if you had the old one.

Another possibility you can’t add a location to your Facebook dating app would be the fact that the app just keeps on crashing. One thing to do in this situation would be to uninstall the app then install it again for future use. Most often, that would work and you would not have it any other way.

There is a slight possibility that the error is in your Internet connection. As a result, you must go to a place with a faster Internet connection. It is indeed possible that you have a hard time doing so and that could lead you to use the Internet connection of your phone and it won’t be too bad of an idea since it won’t take you too much of your time.

Other Information Related to Facebook Dating Match Anywhere Feature

When you encounter a similar problem with the other apps on your phone, you can try restarting your phone and see what would happen from there. Of course, it could be a sign of what could happen in the near future. If the problem still persists with regards to changing the location on your Facebook dating app, then you must buy a new phone as it just means the one you have is pretty old.