How To Delete a Plenty of Fish Account? [in 2023]

Written by: John Branson
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Plenty of Fish, also known as POF in shorthand, is a renowned dating site that comes with both free and paid membership tiers. Just like any other app, deleting the app on your device doesn’t remove your profile or affect your account in any way, so if you don’t have interest in the account and the service, so it is good that you sort out the issues with your account before you can remove the app.

How To Delete a Plenty of Fish Account?

If you wish to call a quit with your Plenty of Fish account for good, then it is your time to learn how to do this with ease. Remember that this is not a temporary action; it will be permanent. So, you should be sure that this is what you wish to do.

Deleting your POF profile implies that all your conversations, connections, and any other kind of data found in this account will be cleared as well. Here are the key steps that you need to follow:

1. Open the POF account using a web browser and fill in the sign-up details of your account if you haven’t.

2. At the top side of the page, tap “My Profile,” and in the dropdown menu, tap “My Profile.”

3. Tap the “Settings” tab.

4. In the “Delete Account” section, click “Delete Account.”

5. You’ll be required to complete a concise questionnaire about why you wish to delete your account.

What Happens when you delete a Plenty of Fish Account?

POF enables your account to be deleted and suspended. If you complete this action, you’ll no longer have access to your POF account or even have access to any of the information related to your profile. If you also want to know whether your POF account has been deleted or not, then it is simple and easy to know. If your account can still appear in the search box results, your account could have been placed under POF.

However, if it doesn’t appear, it will mean that the account has been deleted entirely. A different way of knowing if your POF account still exists or not is by checking your communications with other POF users. For that reason, we said that before you can make up your mind deleting your account, you need to have considered all the reasons you need to delete your account, lest you lose everything, including your profile.

Can You Reactivate a Deleted Plenty of Fish Account?

You won’t be able to get your account back; however, you’re at will to use the name you initially used in your previous account that you deleted as long as any other person hasn’t taken it.

Most people opt to hide their account when not in use and when a friendship comes to an end, and they wish to come back to the dating space, they can unhide their profile.

If you think your POF account was deleted permanently without your consent, you can seek additional help from the POF customer service. However, if you think that is a little bit tiring, then you can create a new account with these simple steps:

#1. Get rid of all cookies from the browser that you’re using.

#2. Acquire a new IP address

#3. Sign up using a different email address

#4. While signing up for a new account, ensure that you don’t go against the POF terms.

How to hide a POF account?

If you wish to hide your POF account without necessarily deleting your account, there is an option for temporarily hiding your profile. With this, you’ll still have access to your account, but only after you unhide your profile because you’ll be temporarily removed from the app. As such, no user will be able to connect with you or see your profile in this period. Follow this step to hide your POF account:

#1. Open a POF account using a web browser and sign up to your account if you’re not signed up already.

#2. At the top side of the page, tap “My Profile,” and in the dropdown menu, tap “My Profile.”

#3. In the “Profile Visibility” section found in the right place of the page, click “Hide Profile.”