How To Delete A Badoo Account? [in 2022]

Written by: John Branson
Published on:

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to delete a Badoo account permanently.

How to Delete a Badoo Account?

If you don’t wish to use your Badoo account, you should delete your Badoo profile.

Perhaps you’re willing to step away from the dating scene. Alternatively, you may have found the soulmate. You may need to remove someone else’s profile if you’re in control of their reputation. Regardless of the reasons, removing the Badoo profile is a simple process.

You can be on the verge of erasing yourself from the Internet. If that’s the situation, here’s how to delete the account.

Sign In to your Badoo Account

You’ll have to log in to begin the process of deleting the account.

Delete the Profile

After you’ve logged in, go to the profile picture and click it. This icon can be found in the top left-hand corner of the Badoo page.

Click the top-right icon, which appears like a gear, after you’ve pressed on it. You’ll be taken to Account Settings as a result of this. The Delete Account choice can be found at the bottom of the Account Settings tab.

Explain Why

Choose one of the reasons from the list. Why do you want to delete the Badoo account? Is it because you can’t seem to find anyone, or is it because it’s not the best platform for you? Select a response and click Next.

Type the password to complete the process. This verifies that you are the one who is deleting the account. After you’ve completed this step, insert the characters that appear in a box. That proves you’re not a robot.

After following all these steps, you will be able to delete your account. Badoo will send you a confirmation email to tell you that your account has been deleted. You can re-activate your profile within thirty days of deletion.

What Happens When You Delete a Badoo Account?

Your account and all of the information will be permanently deleted from the servers when you disable the Badoo account. Any messages you’ve sent or got, or any friends you’ve added, will be deleted. Numerous Badoo users are reconsidering their decision, as per their website. As a result, the personal information will be kept for thirty days. After that, Badoo has the option to delete all of the personal data of their choice.

Can You Reactivate a Deleted Badoo Account?

Badoo has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible, but don’t worry if you need some help getting started! When you first register, ensure to include a nice picture of yourself and a brief description of yourself to help other users get to know you.

If you deleted the account within the last 28 days, you must have received a confirmation email with a link to reactivate it. You’ll be able to jump back in if you browse that. If it’s been a while, you’ll have to make a new account – a good way to change things up and try something new, perhaps?

Can’t Delete a Badoo Account

Badoo is a famous dating app with a large customer base. You may be unable to delete the Badoo account for a variety of reasons. One possibility is that the login deletion method was not done accurately. Another justification may be that the Badoo profile is connected to a Facebook account, in which case you’d have to delete the Facebook account first before deleting the Badoo account.

Badoo or other social networking platforms’ safety is dependent on several factors like the platform’s degree of security and customers’ security practices. Users should, however, be careful when revealing private data on social media systems and be aware of possible frauds.

If you are facing any problems while deleting your account, you can contact their customer support team. They will help you in clearing your doubts and solving your problems.