How To Activate & Use Facebook Dating? [in 2022]

Written by: John Branson
Published on:

Single people search for their perfect partners on so many social dating sites. Facebook now offers its first dating service based on Facebook mobile application. Facebook dating apps can help you to find perfect matches for you based on your interest.

I also admire this application for my personal use. You can get a promise to connect with your friends and audience more easily according to your interests and activities. Above all, the Facebook dating app is absolutely free of cost and it is a special benefit that you can enjoy.

How To Activate Facebook Dating?

Facebook dating app is only available on mobile phones.. So, you cannot use a laptop or desktop. You need to use your mobile phone for this.

Here is how to active Facebook dating on your mobile phone:

  1. You need to start the Facebook application on your mobile phone.
  2. After that, you need to click on the three line menu.
  3. In the All Shortcut section, you will find the Dating tab. If you cannot see there then, you should click on see more options.
  4. Now you will have to click on Dating.
  5. After that, you can start.
  6. You will have to follow all instructions to set up your dating profile in Facebook dating app.
  7. You need to specify all your personal details like height, gender, preferences and all.
  8. After you have done all these details then, you need to click on confirm to publish your dating profile.

How To Use Facebook Dating?

You may have enough experience with other kinds of dating apps. So, Facebook dating is easy for you. You can sit at home and start dating. After setting up your profile, you can use it from your shortcut.

You just need to login and go to the three line menu to start the dating activity. But you should know how to use Facebook dating:

You can see the top three buttons like Profile, Liked You and Matches.

  1. Profile

You can click on the Profile menu to customize your overall dating profile. You can add or remove your image and other introductory text about you. You can also add your interests and hobbies there in the Profile section.

  1. Liked You

You can click on this button to check who has liked your profile, you can also like their profile or discard them. If you both choose each other then it will be a perfect match. Then, it will show in the Matches section.

  1. Matches

If both of you like each other then it will show in the Matches section. You can click on the photo of the person and start a conversation.

  1. Gear

You can customize and select your perfect and ideal match as well. You can mention your preferences like age, gender, height, living distance and language as well.

Apart from this, there are so many options that you can click on to expose more features and options.

Where you can access Facebook dating?

You can use this dating app on your mobile. It will not be available on laptop and desktop.

For the mobile usage facility, it is handier and user-friendly. So, if you want to access your dating information then, you will have to go to the Facebook dating app and click on the three-line menu to get inside and start searching for your perfect match.

Can’t activate Facebook dating

If you see that you cannot open your Facebook dating app then, you need to try to update it and restart the mobile phone. Apart from this, you can troubleshoot the internet connection for easy and hassle-free activities.

Here are some reasons for which your Facebook dating app may not work:

  • Your Facebook app is needed to be up to date.
  • You have blocked your notification section.
  • You may face problems related to your internet connection.
  • Your mobile device cache data is corrupted.

It depends on the problem. You may have to wait for a little while until the Facebook team will fix these problems. You can contact the Facebook help centre as well.

Overall, Facebook dating is very much easier to use than other kinds of dating apps. You can find your perfect match based on your preferences.